About Mineral Resources

Mineral Resources Trading & Services is one of the leading mining and trading company of Pakistan. Mineral Resources Trading & Services was incorporated in the year 2010 as an exporter of various sorts of minerals from Pakistan and other countries.

The minerals we offer are continuously  updated, and we assure you the guarantee of the seriousness in each deal.

We deal in the following minerals as under :-

Sr. No



Fluorspar (CaF2) CaF2 - 75% to 90%
Iron Ore (Hematite) Fe - 48% to 54%
Raw Magnesite MgO - 42% and above
Raw Dolomite MgO - 50% and above
Limestone Super White (Lump & Fine) Purity - 97% and above
Raw Bauxite Al2O3 - 45% to 58%
Quartz(Milky) SiO2 - 97% and above
Barite Drill Grade Specific gravity 4.2% minimum
Feldspar Na & K
Optical Calcite CaCo3 99%


At present, Mineral Resources Trading & Services is exporting its wide range of products on competitive rates & Specialized in exporting Fluorspar of different grades CaF2 75% to 85% above as export quality.If you are interested in any of our products offered, please feel free to contact us.

Mineral Resources Services

Service 1

To provide technical expertise in installation of Rotary Kilns and calcination of Limestone, dead burned Dolomite, Bauxite, Fire Clay, caustic calcined magnesite (CCM), Dead Burned Magnesite (DBM) and Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) in Rotary Kilns..

Service 2

To provide technical expertise in Refractory lining / insulation in different furnaces / Rotary Kilns with selection of Refractory bricks and castable..

Service 3

To provide expertise in material selection in different chemical process to reduce the cost of production..

Service 4

To provide technical expertise in Tundish coating so as to increase the number of heats in Steel Production..

Service 5

To provide material selections in slag splashing techniques in Steel Converters thus improving the lining lives of converters and reduce the cost of production..

Service 6

To provide technical expertise in manufacturing of fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, tape hole blocks and ladle blocks of required size..

Service 7

To provide technical expertise in preparation of magnesite and high alumina castables for use in different coating purposes..

Service 8

To provide technical expertise in installation of beneficiation plant of Iron Ore and Copper Concentration plant based on froth flotation process..

Service 9

Expertise in supply chain optimization with particular focus on inventory and logistics management..

Service 10

Expertise in improving the grade of fluorspar CaF2 by sorting skill of our team..

Service 11

We are also negotiating Iron Ore both magnetite and hematite in bulk Shipment and make a contract with buyer and supplier..

Let's Work Together!

Mineral Detail



Our Taiwan Client deal in Fluorspar, Mill scale and Calcined Materials

South Korea!

Our Korean client deal in Raw Bauxite, Fluorspar and Calcined Bauxite.

Hong Kong!

Our Hong Kong client deal in Iron Ore Hematite and Magnetite, Coke Breeze, Antimony and Lead.


Our China client deal in Iron Ore Hematite and Magnetite, Fluorspar, Dead Burned Magnesite and Caustic Calcined Magnesite.


Our India client deal in Fluorspar, Dead Burned Mangesite, Caustic Calcined Magnesite, Super White Limestone and Coke Breeze.


Our Spain client deal in Coke Breeze, Antimony, Lead and Fluorspar.